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Прислано Vladimir-13 17-01-2010 14:32

chesstango wrote:
I realized that i was, perhaps without intention, treated as a book stealer......
Very far from my life behaviour.
I should be more clear to everybody what is my point of view.
I dont agree (but I respect this forum rules) that any member may upload and publish any file to download and , in the case, it has a password, this one should be published too......
My opinion is that a file is publish in a public forum like this it should be completely available for everybody, and perhaps offer it for free or point that it has a password whose price is XX euros or dollars.
If he /she wants only to be published (private) for his/her friends, just do it in a link of Rapidshare or Megaupload, etc..
Thx and thats it for me, and i will not do any more comments about this issue.
Thx in advance to everybody and i apologize if my words hurt anybody.

Anyone treated you as a book stealer, I don't even know who you are.
The point is : Kosmodrom want people to download book from his site ( this site). But when gives password to everyone, his book is reuploaded to rapidshare/megaupload,etc ( always by same peoples from concurent/competitor, sites) => anyone go on this site=anyone send him his kibitzed/played engines games.
We don't know for the moment how to deal with it, so the current solution is to put link here with a password and when enough people downloaded or after some time, he will give a password.

Редактировал Vladimir-13 17-01-2010 14:33