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Sedat Canbaz написал:
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POLL:Kakoi hashtable razmer luche?

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Houdini 2 Chess Engine User's Manual

"For shorter games, e.g. 3 to 5 minute games, it’s better to use 256 MB or 512 MB as this will provide the best performance. For 16 min games 1024 or 2048 MB hash size should be fine.
If you know the average move time T (in seconds) and the average node speed of your hardware S (in kN/s), you can compute the optimal hash size with the formula: (T x S / 100) MB.
For example if you use a Time Control of 10 minutes for 40 moves repeating, the average move time T = 15 seconds. On hardware that produces about 2,000 kN/s the optimal hash size would then be approximately (15 x 2,000 / 100) = 300 MB, in other words 256 MB or 512 would be the recommended values."