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Прислано Sedat Canbaz 18-12-2011 06:35

Hello Dear Chess Friends !

I am pleased to announce:
-Very soon i am planing to start SCCT FINAL 2011

SCCT FINAL is planning to be available directly in LIVE:

SCCT 2011 LIVE Tournament Start Date: 19 December 2011 (at 20 PM)
Check Antalya Local Time:

Intel i7 980X @4.33GHz
Hyper Threading OFF
Fritz 12 GUI
45 min + 15 sec
1024 MB Hashtable size
DVD Endgames Turbo 3
128 MB TB Cache
Ponder OFF
Perfect 2012a
Large Pages ON
MP engines 6 Cores
Swiss-9 rounds

TOP 16 Participants:
Chiron 1.1a x64 6c
Critter 1.2 x64 6c
Deep Fritz 11 6c
Deep Rybka 4.1 x64 6c
Deep Shredder 12 x64 6c
Fire 2.2 xTreme x64 6c
Houdini 2.0c Pro x64 6c
Hiarcs 13.2 6c
Deep Junior 12.5 x64 6c
Ivanhoe 46hm x64 6c
Komodo 3.0 x64 1c
Naum 4.2 x64 6c
Spark 1.0 x64 6c
Spike 1.4 Leiden 6c
Stockfish VE_01 x64 6c
Zappa Mexico II x64 6c
*Note:Strelka 5.1 x64 will not be participated due to many crashes under Fritz 12 GUI

Best Regards,
Sedat Canbaz