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Прислано Sedat Canbaz 10-05-2012 21:07

Hello Chess Friends,

I have just started working on a new rating list,which will be based on latest strongest engines
I am planning also to test the engines with different settings,new compiles...

And here are the latest results (more games are coming soon)

Rating List:



More Details:
-SCCT (25m+10s) Auto232 Tournament is currently stopped
*Due to nowadays i have no much free time ...
-Ivanhoe B46fC x64 6c plays without (can't use) TripleBases/TotalBases
-Strelka 5.1 is not participated (the new version of Strelka 5.5 is planning to be tested)
-Stockfish 120430P is the latest compile by Izak Pretorius (PeterPan)

Have fun with SedatChess site !

Kind Regards,
Sedat Canbaz