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Sedat Canbaz 26-05-2012 14:09

Btw,i have updated the conditions with more details:

For Better Engine Performance
MP Engines are played between each other using 6 physical cores
Perfect 2012bs opening lines are frequently tuned/optimized
Adapters (Polyglot,Wb2Uci) are not planning to be used
Multiply Matches (running several GUIs on same PC) are not allowed
LIVE Broadcasting Tools-Publish Tournament on WEB are not allowed
During Matches:No any external software is running in the background
Its not installed any programs to tray in the Taskbar (Startup)
The SCCT Tournament Computers are daily ShutDown
Internet is disabled as protecting from any kind of threads
No clicking with mouse,no typing(when the tourney is active)

SCCT Ratings Disadvantages
Chess Engines are played with Ponder OFF (NON-Auto232 mode)
Some opening lines of Perfect 2012b book still needs optimization
Blitz time control has been used (not many high-quality games)
For more reliable rating, more engines and games are needed
No LIVE Broadcasting (external PC and webcam is missing)

SCCT Ratings Advantages
Engines are played with same time control on latest fast machines
64 bit / SSE Engine versions have been played,using 6 physical cores
Its true that Ponder ON is better for Chess Engines,but note also that:
-Ponder OFF 6 core is approx. 140 Elo stronger than Ponder ON 1 core
During matches:no external software is running (e.g LIVE tools or several GUIs)
As far as possible, the strongest modern openings are preferred and used

Time Control
All games are played with same time control: 3 Minutes/Game + 2 Seconds/Move
*One of the most preferable blitz time controls, used in latest Chess Championships
The overall time duration game length:equals to average 11 minutes per game
Personally Im not a big fan testing the engines with fast time controls
Blitz games are less important and the results cannot be taken as very seriously
But however, blitz is the most used and played time control in chess
The main reason i use this blitz time control for the current rating is very simple:
-As a single tester,I have no enough free cpu time to create a reliable slow rating
Plus blitz chess offers more possibilities to test many different engine versions

For more details:

Best Wishes,

Sedat Canbaz 26-05-2012 14:11