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Прислано Sedat Canbaz 08-06-2012 16:24

Hello Dear Friends,

I have run a new testing-played by Fruit 2.0 vs Engines (released around 2004 year)

Some Notes (if we test the engines without books):

1)Fruit 2.0 test (no books):
*Fruit 2.0 and Zappa 1.0 (when Zappa is with Black pieces) have similarities in openings
*Fruit 2.0 vs Fruit 2.0, both same versions have identical opening playing style
*The rest engine openings are almost different than Fruit 2.0 opening playing style

2)SCCT SSE/Non-SSE test (no books):
*There are some similarities in openings, played by the Top chess engines:
- Houdini / Strelka / Komodo / Rybka / Ivanhoe / Critter / Stockfish

3)SCCT 3 Type Tournament (no books):
*Some engines (Rybka;Glaurung;Thinker;Bright;Toga;Loop...) have similarities in openings too

More Details:
*It seems many of the above engines are based on similar opening-related code
*These testings are done mainly for different purposes (not for proving which engine is a clone)
*Once more we noticed that many chess engines are each other relative
*Mostly of the played openings are far away from the current strong opening theory

Best Wishes,
Sedat Canbaz