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Прислано Sedat Canbaz 31-07-2015 15:08

Update - 31.07.2015:

Engine                    : Points
Stockfish 150715bt x64    : 303
SugaR v5.4b x64           : 303
StockfishTS 120715 x64    : 292
Hannibal 1.4b x64         : 161
Arasan 18 x64             : 154
Gothmog 10b10 w32         : 123
Cyclone xTreme w32        :  94
Adam 3.3 w32              :  91
FireFly 2.70 x64          :  82
BBChess 1.3 x64           :  78
Orion 02 w32              :  77
GreKo 12.8a WB w32        :  78
GreKo 12.8a UCI w32       :  72
AliChess 4.25 w32         :  70
Caligula 0.7b w32         :  61
Esc 1.16 CIPS w32         :  58
Chesser 2 w32             :  51

Some Notes:
- The tactical performance of the tested new Top 3 engines(SF derivatives) are good...
* But however, their points are not enough to catch/pass Houdini 4 Tactical x64
* Houdini 4 is almost 3 years old chess engine and still as number ONE in tactics!!
- The older version of Hannibal 1.4b x64 is tested too: 161 tactical points
* For example, the latest release (Hannibal 1.5 x64) managed to get much less: 131
- Not bad performance by Adam 3.3, as we know its Elo performance is not too high...
- What a pitty that Chesser 2 is ranked as last place (tested with 4MB hashtable)
* Chesser's author is Syed Fahad, and as far as I know he is just 14 years old
* I hope the next Chesser release will be better and to be able to use larger hastables
- GreKo 12.8a version is tested as WB and UCI (WB performed slightly better than UCI)
- The latest Arasan 18's performance is good: 21 points better than Arasan 17.5
* Congrats to Jon Dart and to all rest programmers, who are able to improve their engines!

Note also that,
I like very much the current tactical testing method - fast, reliable...
And I hope you like it too... !)

In other words,
My testing is not ideal, but quite good indicator of which are the best engines in tactics!

As I mentioned before,
I see my TTs testing to be similar as IQs testing !)

For examples,
We have two great chess players, who are one of the highest IQs in History:
Garry Kasparov – IQ 194
Judit Polgar – IQ 170

And we should not forget to mention that,
Houdini's author created for all chess lovers a really very successful engine !
Of course, Komodo/Rybka/Stockfish and plus many others belong to this group !

All Versions:

Top 20:
*Note: Top 20's standing remains as previous update !

Best Wishes,