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Прислано Sedat Canbaz 03-08-2015 00:03

Dear Chess Friends,

Here is my latest TTS MP (1 Min/Move) competition:

You can view 'Comprehensive Output in Report file':

More Details:
- The Top 5 Engines are tested as MP (using 6 cores per engine)
- 22 Unsolved position are used (not solved in 6 sec/move by the current MP engines)
- The current used tactical/strategic database is derived from 2100 positions
* The Top 5 MP engines managed to solve approx 99% of the positions (in 6 sec/move)
* My goal was to use more positions, but as we see: 2078 positions were solved
* Just imagine how much are strong the Top 5 engines in strategy and tactics
- And Houdini 4 is again the Winner - My Congratulations to Robert Houdart!

Best Regards,