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Прислано Sedat Canbaz 09-08-2015 17:50

Hello Chess Friends,

Just I'd like to point out that today is the last day of the book registrations!
Tomorrow the event will be started...!!

To be honest I expected to see more participants...
So far the number of the registrations: just only 11 opening books

And it will be great if we will see more new incomers, plus the well-known SCCT participants !)
For examples:
Adriean Costinescu
Aleksandr Shvachko
Babban Singh
Bobby Casey
Clemens Keck
Dean Sprouse
Eduardo Koji
Eros Riccio
Giuseppe Petruccelli
Jeroen Noomen
Josias Mauricio
Nick Carlin
Marcos Alexandre
Marco Zerbinati
Marcos K. Matsuda
Maurice Chac
Munish Gupta
Nelson Hernandez
Nikolay Bartenev
Om Prakash
Pawel Sekowski
Randy Sands
Ruben Comes
Servet Kultur
Tiago Alves
Tsvetan Milchev
Vasid Chouhan
Varun Gupta
Yuriy Gudzatoviy
Sorry if anybody is not mentioned...but no time for all ...

Btw, of course...I can understand,
Now it is a summer time...plus, nowadays some of the top book makers are not active
I am not sure exactly why the interest is falling down...?!
*Is that can be one of the reasons that mostly of the games are ending as DRAW ?
*Or maybe the world crisis can be another serious reason...?
For example a few years ago, there was a queue to participate...)) I remember nearly 100 books per tour!
Ok...no problem...just I'd decided to share my thoughts...
And once more I wish to say: many thanks to all, for participating since many years!


Редактировал Sedat Canbaz 09-08-2015 18:12